Mommy and Me Session – Sarah & Riley

Sarah and Riley are such a fun mother daughter pair! Riley was excited to go on an adventure and explore new places during their mommy and me session. The clouds and sunlight were so beautiful during our session! It was magical.

mommy and me session, mom and daughter kissing at sunset in lifestyle photography session, knoxville, tn

Riley will be a big sister soon! Her new little sister will be here in June. I’m sure the photos from this mommy and me session will be special to all of them as they grow up.

mom and daughter sitting together at sunset, lifestyle photography session, knoxville, tn

Picking flowers is always a favorite activity during our mommy and me sessions! Every child seems to love picking flowers for their mother.

mom kissing daughter, sitting together, mommy and me session, lifestyle photography, knoxville, tn

When Riley spotted the picnic table, she climbed right up and started playing. She balanced while walking on the bench, jumped into mommy’s arms to give her a hug, and enjoyed getting swung around.

mom and daughter playing and hugging in lifestyle photography session in knoxville, tn

There is something so magical about this photo, mother and daughter walking off into the light and shadow of the trees.

mommy and me session, mom and daughter holding hands, walking in the forest in knoxville, tn

Mommy and Me Sessions are extra special and such an important thing to do. Moms are often the ones behind the camera, capturing all the fun and personality of their children. When you and your children look back at your photo albums in 10 years or 20 years, you will all also want to see photos of the kids with you, their mother. Treat yourself to a mommy and me session, you deserve it, and these are photos that will be cherished forever.

Our final week of Mommy and Me Sessions is coming up. These are 20 minute mini sessions. You will receive 20 edited photos with a print release. The session fee is $75. These session times are available:

Sunday, April 30: 6:30, 7

Tuesday, May 2: 6, 6:30, 7, 7:30

Thursday, May 4: 6:30, 7:30

Contact Us or message us on Facebook to book your session.

Maternity Photo Session – The Carlson’s

Ashley & Greg are expecting their first baby! Their baby girl will be born sometime in the next month and they are very excited. It was a beautiful evening for this maternity photo session, and Ashley definitely has that lovely pregnancy glow!

Knoxville, TN sunset maternity photography

Knoxville, Tn Maternity Photography Session

Maternity photo sessions are so special! It’s such a short time of life (even though that last month can feel like forever!) It’s important to document and remember that there is beauty in pregnancy.

Maternity Photography Session Knoxville, TN

Ashley and Greg are such a fun couple! They laughed, joked and had fun together through the whole maternity photo session. Their baby girl will never be bored with them.

Lifestyle Maternity Session in field, Knoxville, TN

Lifestyle Maternity Photo Session in Knoxville, TN

Couples Lifestyle Maternity Photography Session, Knoxville, TN

Their love is so apparent in the way that they look at each other.

Sunset Lifestyle Maternity Photography Session in Knoxville, TN

Sunset Maternity Couples Maternity Lifestyle Session in Knoxville, TN

Are you pregnant and interested in a Maternity Photo Session? Visit our Lifestyle Sessions page for more information about our sessions and pricing.

Maternity Photo Session in Knoxville, TN. We also serve the surrounding areas of Maryville, Seymour, and Sevier County.

Ashley & Jada – Mommy & Me Photo Session

Today I’m sharing my most recent Mommy & Me mini session! It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was nice and warm.

I had a great time doing this mommy and me mini session with Ashley & Jada. Jada was a bit hesitant at first, but once I explained that we were going on an adventure, she was all in! We began our adventure by going on a walk to big field.

mommy & me photography session in knoxville, tn

Mommy & me photo session, knoxville, tn

Jada loves picking grass and was in search of the perfect stick – which she found pretty quickly!

knoxville, tn family photography, mommy & me session

There were so many buttercups and dandelions in the fields, and Jada loved picking them. She began a large collection of flowers, which she stashed in her pockets along with some rocks. Jada couldn’t wait to check out the creek with her mom and toss some rocks and sticks into it.

family photography session, playing in creek, knoxville, tn

mom and me photo session knoxville, tn

Jada is so cute and fun! She just turned 3 and is full of so much personality.

child photography, girl on bench, knoxville, tn

child photography knoxville, tn

Ashley and Jada have such an incredible bond. You can definitely tell how much they adore each other! Giggling together, hugging, and just loving on each other.

mommy and me photography session, knoxville, tn

Instead of blowing off the tops of the dandelions, Jada ripped them off and threw them! This was such a fun and sweet session!

preschool girl photography in field, knoxville, tn

Mommy & Me mini sessions make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! We have one more round of Mommy & Me mini sessions on April 20. There are only 4 session times available. Contact us to reserve your session time! You can message us on Facebook at Blodgett Family Photography or email us at

Serving the Knoxville, TN area including Maryville and Sevier County.

Mom & Me Lifestyle Session – Kelsey & CJ

Spring is finally here! It’s beautiful, it’s warmer, and it’s the perfect time for new photos. Mother’s Day is only 5 weeks away, and to celebrate we’re doing Mom & Me Mini Sessions! These sessions are so much fun. Moms are often the ones taking all the photos of the children, but we know it’s important for the kids to have photos with mom in them too.

Our first Mom & Me mini session was for Kelsey and CJ, a beautiful young mom and her 10 month old daughter. I could see the love and adoration they had for each other from the moment I met them.

Mom & Me photography session, knoxville, tn photographer

CJ loved playing with her mommy, checking out the scenery, and smelling the flowers. Isn’t she just so cute!

Mother and Daughter photo session - Knoxville, TN

Both mother and daughter had fun at our photography session and enjoyed the special time of interaction.

Mother and Daughter at sunset - Knoxville, TN photography

CJ wasn’t too sure about the prickly grass up on the hill.

Mom and me photography session in a field - Knoxville, TN family photography

It seems that all babies love the thrill of being tossed up into the air by their parents. This was such a great mom & me photo session! After I delivered the photos to Kelsey, she said:

Thank you SO MUCH for these pictures. I cried while looking at them! They’re wonderful!!!

I really couldn’t ask for a better reaction! I love making clients happy.

Mom & Me mini sessions make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! We’re still booking more Mom & Me mini sessions throughout the month of April! Contact us to book a session! You can message us on Facebook at Blodgett Family Photography or email us at

Serving the Knoxville, TN area including Maryville and Sevier County.

Painting with Kids – Our Family

Painting with kids is so much fun and the boys both love it! It has been one of my favorite activities to do with them! Dominic started finger painting when he was just a year old. And Graham started even earlier! We pull out the paint, brushes and paper a couple of times a week. Everyone knows that Dominic loves painting and many family members have given him painting activity gifts for his birthday and Christmas presents in the past.

A Day in the Life. Documentary Family Photography Session in Knoxville, TN. Painting. A Day in the Life. Documentary Family Photography Session in Knoxville, TN. Painting.

I find it interesting that painting seems to be quite calming for the boys. It puts them in a good mood. Dominic has become very neat and rarely makes much of a mess. He uses a weekly vitamin storage case for a paint pallet – and it works great! I’ve loved watching his painting technique change as he gets older. He went from being super messy with finger paints {painting as much of himself as the paper}. Then he started messily using a brush. And now he’s very neat, concentrated, and deliberate with his painting.

A Day in the Life. Documentary Family Photography Session in Knoxville, TN. Painting with kids.

Graham didn’t do much finger painting because he saw Dominic using a brush, so of course he needed to use one too! He loves doing things the same way that Dominic does them. Graham paints very quickly! He did 4 pages in the time that Dominic did 2. He’s still in the quickly swirling stage and isn’t very deliberate with what he’s painting yet. Before I know it, Graham will be more grown up and painting the way that Dominic paints now. And Dominic’s painting style will change too. Kids really do grow and change so quickly! And our activities and daily life with them changes right along with them as they grow.

A Day in the Life. Documentary Family Photography Session in Knoxville, TN. Painting with kids.

Even though painting with kids can be very messy, I always enjoy seeing what the boys paint. I love that this is a part of our regular life and that these are memories we will cherish forever.