BoyMom Session – Emily and the Boys

This Mommy and Me Session was so much fun to photograph! Emily loves being a boymom and has such a great time with them. Since I have 2 boys of my own around the same ages, I was right in my comfort zone photographing them. We explored, played, and everyone had a great time.

mom and me lifestyle session in knoxville, tn

Every child seems to love picking flowers for their Mommy. It’s always a highlight of our Mommy and Me sessions.

mother and sons picking flowers and playing together, family lifestyle session in knoxville, tn

We love playing games during our sessions to keep the kids engaged and happy.

ring around the rosie, mommy and me lifestyle mini session in knoxville, tn

When we pulled out the blanket, the boys got excited. They hopped right on and laid down beside mommy for some photos. Then they ran and jumped on mom to play. Then they decided that it must be time for sleep since we had a blanket out, so they both laid down and pretended to sleep! Being a boymom comes with so many unique and fun moments.

mom and sons playing and cuddling in the field at sunset, boymom, family lifestyle session, knoxville, tn

running in the field, boymom, knoxville, tn photography

This was an action filled, fun, sweet Mommy and Me session. It’s an honor to get to capture these memories for families. Mommy and Me sessions tend to appeal more to mothers with little girls, but they are so important for boymoms too!

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