Gingerbread House Decorating | Knoxville Documentary Photography

Every year, our extended family comes together during the Christmas season. We do all sorts of fun things together and just love this time of year. We’re all pretty crazy about Christmas, and you can usually find that we all have decorations up in the middle of November. Last year we decided to all get together to decorate gingerbread houses. It was so much fun! From our littlest, who was almost 2 years old, to our grandparents, everyone had a great time.

Gingerbread House Decorating is a favorite family tradition. We definitely recommend getting the pre-made houses and then just decorating them. It can be difficult and frustrating trying to put them together. There are so many fun variations and themes of Gingerbread houses too!

We will certainly cherish these memories of Gingerbread House decorating and these photos for years to come. And we even have this awesome video…I think everyone was nibbling on the candy while they decorated!

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