Baby Boy Newborn Session in Knoxville | Ayden

We’ve documented many different parts of Ayden’s life already, even though he’s only 2 weeks old! We began with the pregnancy announcement, then did a maternity session. Right after he was born we did a Fresh 48 session and now we have this baby boy newborn session!

newborn boy laying on blankets in a crate with a red, black, and white plaid blanket

Ayden is so adorable! He didn’t want to miss out on anything and was awake during most of the session, but he was happy and that gave us a chance to see his eyes!

We started the session with Ayden laying in his crib. Isn’t his bedding so cute!

black and white photo of baby boy newborn session where baby is laying in crib, viewed through the slatsoverhead view of newborn boy laying on his side in criblooking through slats of crib at sleeping baby boy during newborn session in knoxville, tn

Ayden started getting a little fussy, so his mommy picked him up and rocked him for a few minutes. These quiet moments of just mom and baby are some of my favorites during lifestyle newborn sessions.

mom rocking newborn boy in glider in the nurserynew mom looking at baby boy during newborn session in knoxvillebaby being held by mom and sleeping during his baby boy newborn session in knoxville tennessee

Ayden was ready to eat, so Jessica nursed him. Once he was nice and calm, big sister Addy came in and we got some adorable sibling photos! She is so excited to be a big sister.

big sister and newborn brother laying on floor looking during baby boy newborn sessionblack and white photo of big sister and newborn baby brother laying together on the floor

Then Addy hopped up in the glider so that she could hold her new baby brother.

big sister sitting in glider holding her newborn baby brother and kissing his forehead

Then we had daddy come in and hold his new baby boy. I always love seeing the tenderness fathers have when holding newborns, and they almost always do something goofy with them too!

dad holding and snuggling newborn boy in a glider in the nurserydad holding and looking at his son during baby boy newborn sessiondad holding newborn boy in glider in the nursery

After that we did some family photos with everyone sitting in the floor of the nursery. Brad was being silly, so everyone joined in!

family sitting in floor of nursery, dad making funny facemom, dad, and sister sticking tongues out at new baby boy, just being sillyblack and white family photo of mom, dad, big sister and newborn baby boy, sitting in floor of nursery in front of the crib

Then I moved in closer to get some details, like Addy kissing Ayden on the head.

big sister kissing baby brother while sitting on parents laps

Addy made it clear that she needed a break from photos, so she went to play while we did some pictures of mommy, daddy and baby Ayden. You can see how much they adore him.

mom and dad holding newborn baby boy, looking at himblack and white photo of dad holding baby and mom leaned over, both looking at their newborn baby boy

After this we moved into the living room. They were all able to relax together and I just documented the moments as they happened.

overhead view of mom, dad, big sister and baby during baby boy newborn session

I love capturing the way that newborn babies move. Everything they do is just so cute! I especially love their big yawns and dramatic stretches.

newborn baby boy yawningnewborn baby boy stretchingnewborn baby boy sleeping in mom and dad's armsmom and dad admiring their baby during baby boy newborn session in knoxville, tn

This baby boy newborn session was wonderful. Ayden was so content most of the time. He really is a little bundle of joy, you can just see how much joy he brings his family by the way they look at him.

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are one of our favorite things to photograph! A fresh, cuddly little baby in his natural space that he’s used to is the best place to photograph them. It’s also easier on the family to not have to leave the house.

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Newborn Photography Session Knoxville, TN | Lucy

This beautiful newborn photography session took place at this family’s home on the lake in Andersonville, TN, which is just outside of Knoxville, TN and the location of the Museum of Appalachia.

This sweet baby girl has been wanted for a very long time. Years of infertility, miscarriages, and the pursuit of adoption all came before her. Little Lucy has a unique story; she was conceived through embryo adoption. She is definitely adored by her parents and even her older brother Christian seems to like her alright.

family photo of parents and sibling admiring newborn baby at newborn photography session in knoxville, tn

newborn baby girl being held by mommy at newborn photography session in knoxville, tn

A sweet moment between mother and daughter. You can see the love these parents have for their little Lucy.

mother admiring newborn baby girl at newborn photography session in knoxville, tn

knoxville, tn newborn photography session, daddy holding baby girl

Christian ran up and put his arms around his parents and it turned out to be one of our favorite family photos of all of them!

family photo at newborn photography session in knoxville, tn

Of course we had to also do a few individual photos of the new big brother!

Photo of big brother at the newborn photography session

family photo with newborn baby girl, looking at baby

newborn photography session in knoxville, tn, family photo in black and white

mommy holding baby girl at newborn photography session in knoxville, tn

daddy holding baby girl and kissing her at newborn photography session in knoxville, tn

knoxville, tn newborn photography session, mommy holding baby girl

daddy kissing newborn baby girl's forehand and holding her

The photo below was a special request that Randi made, it’s her new daughter Lucy and the necklace that holds the names of their other children, some who they can’t bring home.

newborn baby girl beside necklace with sibling's names

daddy and newborn girl touching foreheads, knoxville, tn newborn photography

We ended the newborn photography session with some individual photos of sweet little Lucy. These precious newborn photos will always be treasured and will be so fun to look back on as she grows! I wonder what she’ll think about the giant flower headband mommy picked for her?

newborn photography session, baby girl in basket, knoxville, tn newborn baby girl with big bow, newborn photo session in knoxville, tn newborn baby girl photo session in knoxville, tn

Our lifestyle newborn photography sessions can take place outside or indoors in your home. We capture the special connections and sweet moments of this fleeting time of life. Each family and newborn is unique, and we will work with you to create a custom newborn photography session that will perfectly fit your needs and wishes. For booking inquiries, visit our Contact Us page and fill out a short form. This is the first step to allow us to capture these precious memories that you will cherish for life.